What A Time

“Many people think it is in the grand gestures and major acts – however, courage can be in the small choices that we make each day. In doing something being afraid of it.” - Dr Nikki Martinez


These words at a time like this, have never rang so true and apt. It has been truly unprecedented times over the last few weeks with the world-wide pandemic upon us.


I have followed this growing devastation- first with humour (this is almost always my initial reaction to ANYTHING my innate nature cannot comprehend) and it slowly descended to worry, discomfort, anxiety and sometimes even anger. These emotions often crashing into each other at the same time. I have watched as many nations have fallen to their knees as this illness became uncontrollable – while some leaders have risen above to show great strength and resilience under pressure. In almost a blink of an eye, our every existence came into question and for a heartbeat, no one had clear answers.. and that was the scary part. For the first time, the entire world stood vulnerable- together!


We are all being tested to differing degrees and how we collectively and individually respond to this, is going to directly influence how we come out on the other side.


With self-isolation and quarantine upon many of us or even looming, the way we have always existed as a people has changed drastically. We have had to take a long hard look at ourselves- how we parent, how we do business, how we co-exist- APART! Things we’ve taken for granted, for so long, are now things we yearn to do- if only for the last time.


For families and marriages - this time, hopefully, has allowed us to truly SEE AND HEAR each other first time in a long time. We are more connected than ever before, checking on each other and our wellbeing. With work and the illusion of busy schedules out of the way, we are being forced to be the kind of parents our children have needed us to be. Present and engaged. Remember to do your best, cut yourself some slack and try to enjoy this time because there may never be any other time like this one. Obviously, things will not change overnight but if we are willing to stop- as the world currently demands us to- I believe we will come out the other side a better People for it.


As you go about your isolated life during this time, I urge you to remember that nothing is ever going to be the same again. This is the time to go inward and reflect- on that job, that relationship, that friendship, reflect on that dream you’ve been too “busy” to pursue. If this time is ever going to teach us anything, I believe, it is courage. Courage to stand before the greatest danger to ever face humanity in recent times. The courage to play your part, however small (stay indoors) The courage to lend a helping hand. The courage to make small significant choices every day. The courage to finally come into your own. The courage to bloom into the best version of yourself. The courage to be vulnerable and say “I’m scared. I’m afraid but I am brave...” The courage to ask for help. The courage to revisit those dreams. The courage to learn something new. The courage to truly be present in every single moment with your family and your kids.


At this time of uncertainty, I wish for you moments of great peace. Moments of great wisdom and great joy. I wish for you moments of great breakthroughs. Most of all, I wish that you heed the call from within to stand tall and be courageous.



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