Coming home to self often times means pressing pause and enjoying your own company. A book is always a great companion during these times and the lessons lifted off of them can last and leave an impression long after you have put the book down.


Here are 3 that I feel specifically speak to our theme:

The Path.jpg
The Path Made CLEAR: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is unmistakably OPRAH within the pages of this book. Particularly when she gives us the dialogue pages. It is a story of THE SEEDS, THE ROOTS, THE WHISPERS, THE CLOUDS, THE MAP, THE ROAD, THE CLIMB, THE GIVE, THE REWARD and my favourite HOME. This is a conversation with friends about the path you travel, most times back to who you truly are and the tools you are reminded to take along. It’s a book you read at times with a pen and paper by your side – to write down your own version of how you will navigate your own path and it is filled with reminders of how important it is to speak our truths from the inside out. To always try and live in the moment and that, scary moments DO exists – only to spur us further into greatness!

Tuesdays With Morie:
Mitch Albom

My heart dances every time I remember this book. I picked it up years ago and it has remained with me for a long long time. In fact, I have promised to pick it up again soon. This story of an unlikely friendship between a young man and an old man on his death bed is tear filled and full of life’s little secrets. It teaches us about TIME, LOVE and Giving in such a powerful way.

I declare.jpg
Joel Osteen

This is one of the books I buy for friends and loved ones. It is a diary of daily declarations that forces us to BELIEVE, to have FAITH and reminds us that GOD is always with you no matter what you could be going through. It allows you to take hold of any situation and confront it through your words of declaration, through the power of KNOWING that your situation is not permanent and that it WILL pass!

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