Life at home

If you aren’t essential services as stipulated by the lockdown guidelines, then the likelihood is that you are going to be home either attempting to get into some kind of schedule that involves work, keeping the kids busy and trying to steal time to yourself.


To try and keep you active and healthy, I’ve put together a list of things you can get into for he next few days of the #LockDown.


  • Home Yoga

I’v never been an active person in the real sense of the word and that is why yoga has been so helpful for me. I gave up on physical classes a while ago because of clashing times and discovered online workouts that I could follow at my own time and pace. is one of the many yoga instructors you can find online. I love her classes and jut love how she takes you through the many facets of yoga. Her 30 day challenges are a must try during this time.


  • Start a short online course.


I am currently at the tail end of a 10 week course with UCT- If you’ve been thinking of doing a bit of distance learning or acquiring a new skill but never really got the time for it, there has never been a more opportune time.


  • Journaling


One of my favourite things to do when I find time to myself is journaling. Thoughts, ideas, dreams and personal conversations. I’ve found that writing gives me an outlet that is very different from talking to other people. That’s part of the reason I launched this website. I have journals from when I was in my late teens documenting the weirdest, funniest and the most confusing moments of my life. During this time, this may be the perfect time to write it all down- who knows, this may just be the beginnings of a best seller. Typo and Moleskine  just happen to be two of my favourite brands.


  • Learn New Recipes


Cooking is therapeutic, for some. It could also be one the ways you create an outlet of sorts. Why don’t you take up the opportunity to improve on your culinary skills during this quiet time? Take a look at all the recipes I’ve gathered over time on my Pinterest cooking board Hopefully, it can inspire you to whip up a few inspired healthy meals for you and your family.

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