Raising kids is a full-time job. Having to balance this with the many demands that life puts on us, also feels like a daily battle. If as a mom or a care taker, you feel overwhelmed, please know that you aren’t alone. We tend to put added pressure on ourselves because we are our biggest critics when it comes to raising our kids. If you know that you are doing the best you can with what you have- you are doing OK! Just remember to keep a small size of the day just for you!


 You, the kids and self isolation


With isolation upon all of us, we are looking for ways to spend quality time with our little ones during this time- and trying to keep sane all at once. Keeping their brains occupied is also of top priority.  Ideas are plenty but it won’t always feel like it. Between your child’s schoolwork and your creativity, the lockdown will pass very quickly for them- and hopefully for you. Here are some things to get up to with or without your kids- for your survival.


Remember, almost everything is free on the internet. Make the time to look for things that could be of interest to your child. As a quick suggestion- board games are also an amazing way to bring the family together! Also, video calling your child’s favourite family members- little cousins they play with or even video calling classmates they are close to goes a long way. 

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