If anyone has a fool proof way on how to raise well mannered, kind hearted and respectful kids, while tending to homework, stubborn hair and playdates, please tell me about it- cause lord knows we ALL need it. In the meantime, let’s learn together, make mistakes together and laugh over how raising kids can be utter hell and the same time be the most amazing and soul filling job in the world.


Life never waits for you to figure yourself out. Your kids will never understand that sometimes you need a moment to yourself to just breathe so we are often advised to create family moments that take us AWAY from our stressful lives. If you are having those life moments that you'd rather do alone than with family, my suggestion is that you pick the things YOU enjoy to do with your family and kids. Get out of the house, paint, listen to music as loud as you want and invite the kids to join in your crazy... watch animation (always my favou

rite with my daughter) Most of the time, you find that you come out on the other side feeling refreshed and the kids will feel like mommy really LOVES doing fun stuff with them. Be creative, have fun and try by all means to be present. These are the special moments you don't want to miss out on, even if you are currently having an entire volcano erupting within. 

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