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Through working and meeting incredible people, particularly women, I have realized that we have similar life experiences and the more I hear others’ stories, the more I am consoled that I am not alone. Importantly, hearing how others cope is somewhat soothing and very helpful. Here are 2 PHENOMINAL women who share with us their paths of Coming Home To Self and how they center themselves within their busy schedules:

Lorato Akpata - Mom, Wife & Finance Coach

How to Press Pause to “Come Home to Self.”

As women we need to create some time for ourselves to be InTouch with our inner beings. I will share my typical day and how I keep sane in all the madness. 

My day starts at 5am to ensure I include an hour to myself for my sanity .

Within the first hour of the day, I meditate by reading the bible and listening God, a little bit exercise and the plan my day by writing down my goals for the day. From there the morning run starts from waking and bathing my son, to feeding him to packing his lunch box, taking him to school, to me bathing and eating. Then I hit the road to work and start my grind.  

One person who eases all this pressure is my husband, he is super helpful in keep me sane by being so helpful.   Once at work I ensure I take mini breaks “to come home to self” by listening to some podcasts with great content that are good for the soul and business tips. When I knock off and spend time with family and switch off at around 20hrs30 with some reading and prayer. Sometimes I link up with a friend for some feeding and glass or two of wine. I am sharing my daily schedule to show, the only time I have to myself is at 5am and those work mini breaks as well some rare Saturdays when I get away from the house alone. 

Another one that helps us a lot, is my son’s granny. She is a such a blessing because she gets to take our son every other weekend. This a much-needed break that should never be taken for granted especially if you are married and to have some quite time for yourself.


Marang Molosiwa - Mom To Be, Actress, Live Performance Educator & Performance Consultant

Coming Home to Self

Prayer. Before I jump on the hamster wheel it is important to connect with my source and ask for guidance, discernment, clarity and patience as I prepare for the day ahead. This is when I am at my calmest, my mind at its clearest and most alert to receiving signs and messages. Short prayers spread through the day are my bite size moments of ‘coming home to self’. They’re not only how I counter anxiety, uncertainty, disappointment but also my way of acknowledging the small wins and breakthroughs.

Conversations with my niece and nephew. As incoherent and often silly as they seem, children possess a great deal of wisdom. I strongly believe that by tapping into the inner child, one is able to go back to the person they were before the world plastered labels on them. Their responses are unblemished, curiosity and concern genuine and outlook simple and uncontaminated. Talking to them allows me to unlock my inner child and see the world and myself with less judgment and fear but with more curiosity, persistence and wonder. I just really enjoy observing my niece and nephew navigating their way through life with such excitement and vigor.

Going home, Serowe. Though raised and residing in Gaborone, my heart and spirit are most at home in Serowe. It is where I feel I belong and at peace. I have a ritual I follow upon every arrival. I take off my shoes and place my feet firmly on the soil and take a few seconds to just breathe. I consider it a greeting to my ancestors, an acknowledgement that I am home. It also reminds me so much of the school holidays I spent there with my cousins; climbing trees, exploring the hills, splurging on candy with the thebes my grandfather would give us. The innocence, simplicity and purity. I hit pause on life when I go to Serowe. That is my time to center and reconnect with my being.

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